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Jeremy R. Costin
  • Jeremy Costin is a lawyer assisting clients in Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland.

  • Practising at Kornfeld LLP, Jeremy can help you with the following areas of law:
    • business (including non-profit) and agreements
    • information, privacy, and technology
    • wills, powers of attorney, and incapacity planning
    • estates (including probate, administration, and distribution)

  • Jeremy's background includes working as a post-secondary instructor and as a trainer in legal research. He has the experience and skills to give you clear, sensible advice. He explains your rights, obligations, and options with the approach of a teacher who works with you to find solutions.

  • Jeremy is active in the community. He is a founding Director of the Jewish Lawyers Association of British Columbia, and recently sat on the Board of Directors of Vancouver Hillel Foundation (Now Hillel BC). Jeremy is a member of Canadian Bar Association, and of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority.
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  • Practical business law for start-up entrepreneurs
    In a flourishing small business sector, especially in information-based businesses, knowledge of certain business law concepts will help you use your lawyer as a valuable adviser rather than a necessary expense: Business structures (proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations), Information law and rights (copyright, privacy, and more), and Agreements (licences and other contracts).

  • Replacing Fixation: How the information age is forcing us to fix what has always been wrong with copyright
    Copyright protection is attracted by the fixation of expression, and not by the notional birth of idea. Fixation, in the sense of it being the endpoint of the creative process, is an obsolete concept. The creative cycle is idea -> expression -> [possible] fixation -> impression -> idea. As technology changes the nature of creative works to make fixation elusive if not extinct, it also enables fixation's more legally honest replacement. Whatever replaces fixation as the moment that attracts protection will not be tied to uniform of permanent presentation of a work, and will come from within the work.

  • Making your Will Clear and Certain
    Judges often talk about “certainty” in legal documents.  Certainty is the product of clear language and well-planned logic.  Nowhere is certainty more important than in your Last Will and Testament.  Why? Your will has to be interpreted by your executors … Continue reading